About us

Lion of Judah Evangelical ministry was founded in 1999 by Evang Sis.M.Mariya to bring meaning to the lives of the broken hearted by showing them the love and compassion, Jesus Christ gives to his children God called Sis.M.Mariya to the ministry anointed in a healing crused prayer. God spoke through the John 3:16 which states.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life”

This verse let to the Founding of Lion of Judah Evangelical ministry. God has filled Sis.M.Mariya with his spirit of love and compassion which resembles the love of God himself.

“As God promised in 1 samuel 2:8 He raises the poor from the word of God in away that Consoles the broken hearted people and resembles the love, God gives all of his children. God using the ministry to bring them into the glory of God.

Apart From the above, we also provide individual and family counseling as well as television ministries, open crusade meetings. Letters and mail ministries, and audio which showcase God’s songs and words. All of our prayer warriors are eagerly waiting to pray for those who are in pain and agony through phone calls, Letters, emails, or in person. God Fills Sis.M.Mariya with holy spirit, allowing Sis.M.Mariya to offer solutions to their problems, unspoken or spoken problems. God has given Sis.M.Mariya the gift of prophecy and the power to command the angels. God is using Sis.M.Mariya Mightily in india and has also taking her across the globe to proclaim the love of God.


Evang. Sis. M. Mariya

Founder & President

Glory be to God

I have born and grown in Hindu culture. My father belongs to Roman Catholic and my mother was a Hindu, so I and my brothers and sisters were grown as Hindus. In 1999, my kidney impaired totally, doctors lost their hope to recover me; I was on the edge of death. Then my mother was brought me to a healing service prayer, there I got Lord's grace. Next day, when I checked by doctors, my impaired kidney became normal without any medical treatments; the kidney seemed like a new kidney with normal functionality. From then, I have dedicated to Lord who cured me, who saved me, to spread his gracefulness to all who are in the edge of death like me, getting the blessing from God and living peacefully and to all people who bedridden and severe illness for healing and rejuvenating. Since 1999 we spread Lord's name in all places. Many people cured and freed in deliverance prayer meeting and public meeting organized by Sis. M. Mariya

All praises and glories to Lord God!

Sis. M. Mariya
Founder & President
Lion of Judah Evangelical Ministry


Rev. S. N. Amarnath

Vice President & Senior Pastor


We have a vision to reach people who have been suffering in the hand of Satan so that they could be delivered from their bondage.

It is our vision of being a place were the hurting, the depressed, the frustrated, and the confused can find healing, love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement.

It is our vision to plant new churches in the places where there is no church.

It is our vision to build the body of Christ by ministering to the total person - spiritually, emotionally, physically, and socially.


To worship, praise and thank God.

To encourage and educate members to become Disciples of Christ.

To take the message of Christ to the community, In particular to Tamil speaking people.

To break the curse upon our people in the name of our lord Jesus Christ

To serve God and to minister to others who have a need or who are hurting.

To model and teach to our children the love of Christ.

To work for lasting peace that could be achieved through our Lord.